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At Nick Holmes Fine Art we assist our corporate clients with every aspect of art purchasing. Some companies approach us looking for a few pictures, others wish to create a renowned collection or need advice on buying a single work of art. We can manage the entire project, from making your initial selection to final installation.

Commissioning a work of art

When a company commissions a work of art, there are a number of principal concerns; will it be created on time, will it be on budget, will it meet the remits of the architects and structural engineers and will it be a genuine asset to the company both aesthetically and financially.

We address and manage all areas of the commission:

The Brief

We initially have a meeting to understand the company’s vision. From this, a brief is compiled which specifically addresses the type of work desired, the available budget and, where relevant, architectural conditions such as weight and height restrictions.

The Artist

Once a brief is in place, specific artists will be considered. With a sometimes bewildering number of artists to choose from, it is our remit to recommend the right one. We pay particular attention to the artist’s position within the art market and their investment potential. Short-listed artists are each to produce a mock-up. This allows the company a high degree of choice and involvement in the creative process.

The Project

A contract is drawn up between the client, ourselves and the artist, clearly delineating payment schedules, installation dates and all possible liabilities.
We oversee a regular dialogue between artist and client, and where relevant the architect and structural engineer. Progress reports are supplied at agreed intervals, ensuring the project is on time and on budget.

The Installation

The installation is contracted out to an experienced team of professional art installers. A schedule is drawn up and all relevant parties consulted.

We offer a bespoke, finely tuned service covering every aspect of corporate art commissions. Every client can have the confidence that they have acquired an impressive work of art that is a true company asset.