Nick Holmes Fine Art

Selling Art

Nick Holmes Fine Art offer impartial and frank advice as to the best way selling your work of art for the highest price possible.

We are well placed to identify and research which of the three established methods - private treaty, auction and the gallery system – will work for you.

Private Treaty

This tends to be the preferred method for our clients. The benefits are total confidentiality and a high degree of control. Private collectors will pay a premium for an item that is offered to them and them alone outside the gaze of the public eye.


Auction is a very public process when offering art to the market. The excitement and degree of competition found at auction for the right art works can result in higher than expected prices.

We advise on the best auction house to use, we ensure marketing and promotions are directed at your work of art and we can negotiate lower commission rates on your behalf.

The Gallery System

Galleries will often take art works on a sale or return basis. This can be particularly useful when selling works by contemporary artists who are not yet established in the secondary market.